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Flood Cleaning Made Easy...Or As Easy As It Can Be

Floods are the single most common and destructive natural disaster in the United States.  They occur anywhere, and at any time, and are unencumbered by seasons or trends.  From major floods that may occur over a period of days to flash floods that can form with surprising swiftness, raging across the countryside causing enormous damage to life and property.   Flood cleaning costs millions every year.houseFloodSmall (1).jpg

However they occur, one thing is certain: they are extremely destructive.  Even as little as an inch of water in your home can cost thousands of dollars in flood cleaning services.  Left untreated long enough, water will not only continue to cause damage, but it will open the door for all kinds of subsequent problems, such as the rotting of wood, rust on metal surfaces, and the propagation of mold.  Mold can establish in as little as 48 hours and bring with it all kinds of health hazards, from mild allergic reactions to neurological disorders and even death.

Flood waters can also literally shift a home on its foundations, making it prone to collapse.  You should not re-enter a flood damaged business or residence until it has been determined to be structurally sound.  Likewise, you should shut off all utilities to the structure, as water and electricity do not mix, and leaking gas can cause fire or an explosion if exposed to flame or spark.


Flood Cleaning Done Right

Flood cleaning is a monumental effort that is best left to the professionals.  It consists of a number of steps, to be taken in a predetermined order, and preferably done right the first time.  

All loose items will have to be removed from the home, cleaned, repaired, and disinfected.  Appliances should not be operated again until they have been checked out by a qualified professional.  Likewise for all electrical and HVAC systems.

Excess water will need to be removed from the home, and all surfaces dried out completely.  Carpets will need to be taken up, dried out, cleaned, disinfected, sanitized, and then cleaned again before re-installation.  Any mold that is present will have to be remediated and the area treated to prevent any recurrence of mold growth.

In many flood cases, some measure of structural repair may also be required to restore the property to its former beauty.

Be careful when hiring a flood cleaning company, though.  Since there are no federal regulations to govern who does this kind of work, pretty much anybody can buy a mop and a shop-vac and say they are in the business.  Hiring the wrong company not only will not solve your problems, but may actually serve to make a bad situation worse, doubling or even tripling your repair costs.

For the best in professional flood cleaning, contact your local, IICRC certified flood cleaning and water damage restoration company.  They are available 24/7/365, with a full staff of highly trained personnel, state of the art water damage restoration equipment, and offer a complete range of services from water extraction and drying, carpet cleaning and mold removal, as well as any structural repair and reconstruction that may be required.  In most cases they will be able to have someone out to your home within the hour to begin the flood cleaning process.  Call today for a free estimate.


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