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Flood Clean Up

Floods are one of the most horrific and traumatizing events that anyone can ever experience.  Lashing out with little or no advance warning, the power of water must be seen to be believed.  From tsunami damage as seen in Indonesia in 2004, to the hurricanes that pound the Gulf Coast states every year, flood damage cleanup become a problem of truly epic proportions.

Flood cleanup should ideally begin as soon as the storm has passed and the flood waters receded.  When you return to your home, check first for structural integrity before entering, and make sure all electricity and gas are shut off.

Take inventory of the damage, make photo or video documentation for insurance purposes, and then, if possible, remove all furniture and electrical appliances that may have been damaged by the flood waters.  These can be dried out elsewhere and not be an impediment to further repair or carpet cleaning efforts.


The excess water will need to be extracted from the structure (normally done with pumps and wet-dry vac units), and secondary drying done by circulating as much air as possible (opening windows, using fans and blowers, etc).  All flood damaged surfaces will require cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing.  Under no circumstances should any repair work commence until surfaces and carpets are completely dry.

Flood cleanup is a project that, in most circumstances, is best left to the professionals.  Failure to follow through with even one step as it should be done can result in additional problems and thousands of dollars in additional cost, not to mention the headaches for you and your family.

Call your local IICRC certified flood cleanup professionals today for a free estimate.

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