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Fire Water Damage

water-damage,-good-pic.jpgFire and water damage are easily the two most destructive forces that can come to bear on a home.  Wind, hail, earthquakes, all can be destructive, but none are as common.  Water damage will affect pretty much every homeowner on some level at some point.

In fact, if given a choice, I’d rather deal with a fire than water.  Fires are usually confined to one area and do most of their damage right away.  Water, especially in cases of burst pipes or worse, a flash flood, are not as easy to repel or put down.

Worse, water continues to do damage for as long as it is present, warping and cracking floors, swelling drywall, collapsing ceilings, and ruining carpets and rugs.  And if given time can produce everybody’s favorite health hazard, mold, which spreads like wildfire and can prove extremely difficult to remove.

Your emergency water fire damage restoration company can defend your home against these threats. They are able to handle all aspects of you fire and water damage restoration needs, from the initial water extraction and drying, to disinfecting and sanitizing, mold removal and remediation, as well as any structural repair or reconstruction that is required.

Water-Damage-Repair.jpgBut buyer beware, all fire water restoration companies are not created equal.  Choosing the wrong outfit to do the work can result in thousands of dollars in additional costs, not to mention a plethora of related headaches.

You should choose a company that has been certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC).  This unofficial, yet universally recognized governing body of the water damage repair industry establishes standards, procedures, and certifications, and lends legitimacy to the companies bearing its seal, and comfort and security for homeowners trying to find a reputable pro to do their work.  Call your local IICRC company for a free estimate today.

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