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Carpet Drying

Carpets add much to the beauty and appeal of a home, as well as a measure of comfort.  Unfortunately, they can also be headaches of the highest order when stuff gets spilled on them.  Wet or flooded carpet can be a major undertaking to clean up, even in the smallest of cases.  Don’t believe me?  Think back to the last time you spilled a soda on your carpet….it sent you scrambling for towels and cloths to clean it all up and dry it out in order to avoid an unsightly stain or worse, residual musty smells. Carpet drying should always be done immediately.

If you find yourself with wet or flooded carpet, it is important to act quickly.  Water can get under carpets and rugs, into the padding, and laying the groundwork for damage to your flooring (through warping or cracking) as well as mold and mildew propagation and growth.

Mold is especially dangerous because of the health risks it brings along with it.  Mold establishes quickly, spreads rapidly, and can prove very difficult to remediate. 

All loose items will need to be removed from the water damaged area, and try to keep foot traffic to a minimum.  Excess water will need to be removed through use of shop-vacs or gas powered pumps; which you use depends of course on the depth and severity of the spill.  Removing the water will make the carpet easier to lift.

Once the excess is out, you will find that the carpet is still wet to the touch.  It will need to be taken up and moved somewhere outside where it can lay flat to dry.  You can also use fans or blowers to help the process along.  The carpet needs to lay flat so that it will retain its shape and re-install properly.

While this is happening, do not neglect the flooring.  The carpet padding will need to be thrown out and replaced, and the flooring likewise treated, cleaned, and disinfected.  Make sure all surfaces are completely dry before re-installing the carpet.  If the flooring has been warped or cracked, it will need to be repaired before the carpet is put back down.

The drywall will also have to be checked for water damage, as sufficient depth may result in problems such as staining or swelling.  Drywall may be either completely replaced or done in segments.

Leave carpet drying to the professionals

Carpet Drying Done Right

If all this sounds like a lot of work in order to save your carpet, it is.  And it is usually a bit more than most homeowners want to deal with.  That’s when you need to call your local water damage restoration company. Approved by industry leaders such as the IICRC and RIA, these local professionals are available 24/7/365 with fully trained and qualified staff, state of the art water damage restoration equipment, and offering a full range of services, from water extraction and drying, carpet cleaning and mold removal, as well as any structural repair and reconstruction that may be required.  In most cases they will be able to have someone out to your home within the hour to begin the carpet drying process.  Call today for a free estimate.



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