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Affordable Basement Flooding Cleanup

If you are experiencing a basement flood as we speak, please call the number above to have a technician come out and give you a free estimate within the hour! Time is of the essence to prevent mold growth, and we have technicians on call 24/7/365.

Research has shown that nearly all basements will suffer some form of basement flooding at some point in their existence. “Nearly all” translates into “it’s certain”. The reason basements are so prone to flooding is due to the simple fact that water tends to flow downhill; it will travel to the lowest point and begin to accumulate in large amounts if there is nowhere else for it to go. If the lowest point on your property happens to be your basement, this is a big problem and can easily flood your basement.

Don't let basement flooding happen to youSince there is no foolproof method as of yet for waterproofing your basement, your best move is to try and minimize the damage potential. You do this by following a few tips:

  • Be diligent in inspecting your basement for any small problems, and catch them before they become significant.
  • You want to look for things like leaky pipes, broken window seals that may allow moisture in, cracks in the foundation walls that could allow access by groundwater, as well as man-made problems like malfunctioning sump pumps.
  • You can also prevent potential basement flooding by altering the flow of water away from your home using gutters, downspouts, and sloping the dirt around your home.

All of these prevention methods will help your case when severe weather strikes or if you experience a sewage backup on your property.

Common Flooding Scenarios

When searching for potential flooding hazards, do not neglect the exterior of your home; clogged drains, gutters, or downspouts can be major culprits when it comes to channeling water in the wrong direction. A very important point to note is that your landscaping should always slope away from your home; sloping towards it increases the risk of channeling excess water into your home. Even relandscaping your yard is preferable to repairing major basement flood damage.

You may also want to elevate any electrical appliances, power outlets, or electrical boxes to a higher level to protect them from flood waters. While it is impossible to predict flood depths, a study of recent flooding events can give you a pretty good indication of just how much water you can expect to come in. Determine your waterline and raise the specified units above that. A licensed electrician should handle any work of this nature to make sure it is done correctly and according to code.

Importance of Immediate Flood Cleanup

If you do find yourself facing flooding in your basement, or anywhere in your home for that matter, it is important to act quickly. Water will continue to cause damage for as long as it remains untreated, and if left alone long enough, it can provide the perfect condition for unwanted mold growth. Mold can appear in as little as 48 hours following a flooding event (sooner if the water in question is sewage-based), spread rapidly, and prove almost impossible to entirely remove.

For fast and effective flood damage repair, call Water Damage Local, your local, IICRC certified disaster restoration company. We are available 24/7/365 with a full staff of trained professionals, the most cutting edge restoration equipment, and a complete range of services. In the case of an emergency, we provide 60 minute rapid response at all hours of the day. Call today!


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