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Flood Cleaning And Flash Flood Alley - Houston TX

Central Texas, particularly the Houston area, is known as one of the most flood prone areas of the country, holding half of the world’s rainfall records (within 48 hours).  Houston is located in the middle of what is commonly referred to as “Flash Flood Alley”, where conditions are ripe for flash flood events that can wipe away cattle, property, homes, and people.  This happens quickly, with little or no advance warning.Flood_Insurance.gif

In the aftermath of a flood event, flood cleaning becomes a top priority.  Time is of the essence, so it is always important to begin flood cleaning procedures as soon as possible following a flood.  The reason is simple, the longer water is allowed to remain standing, the more long term damage it can do.  From deteriorating your home’s foundational structure, to setting the stage for mold growth and other similar toxins, flood waters must be treated promptly to avoid future problems and issues.

Unfortunately, many people hire out the first company they find when it comes to finding a suitable water damage repair service.  This is a mistake.  Many companies advertise water damage restoration, but most of them are decidedly unqualified to do the work.  Hiring the wrong company will only make a bad situation worse, easily doubling the cost of your repair bills.flood_cvgc.jpg

You need to look for a company that is available 24/7, and can have a technician out to your home within an hour, even if that hour is the middle of the night on a Saturday.  They will be fully trained and proficient on the latest water damage repair tools and procedures, and they will offer a complete range of services designed to handle all of your water damage repair needs.

Ideally, you should look for a company that has been certified by the Institute for Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC).  Having the IICRC seal does not guarantee competent work, but it does tell you that the company you are hiring has spent time, effort, and finances to have their people properly trained.  It provides credibility and accountability for the company and peace of mind for the homeowner.


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