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Water Damage Repair Techniques

Water damage restoration is not for the faint of heart, it can be a daunting, multi leveled task.  And it has to be done right; shoddy work gives way to undesirable results later on.

Water damage is usualy thought of as the result of flooding or burst pipes or other major events, but most water damage occurs slowly, the result of leaky pipes of faucets, inadequate waterproofing or sealing, corrosion, roof damage, or improper installation of vents air conditioners, or condensers.

The best way to repair water damage is to stop it before it happens. This can be done by simply maintaining proper maintenence on your home, fixing leaks as they occur, before they can gain a foothold and cause more costly damage.

If you find yourself standing in water, a few basic tips:

- Shut off the water source.

- Move all furniture and items away from the damaged area.

- Clean up as much water as possible.  Water extraction is best accomplished through use of a pump or wet-dry vac.

- Pull up carpets to dry and clean.  Throw out carpet padding and replace it.

- Beware of sagging ceilings.  Water held in ceilings should be drained by making a small hole in the ceiling.

- Treat any mold growths quickly using chlorine bleach mixed with water.  Molds are best treated by a professional due to the health issues they present.

- Do not attempt any repair or reconstruction work until all surfaces are completely dry and sanitized.  Checked for warping in hardwood floors and drywall.

- Have a professional clean and re lay your carpet.

In the event of any sort of flood or major water damage to your home, your best bet is to contact a water damage repair professional


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