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Water Damage Service 101

The key to finding a reputable, efficient, water damage service company is to begin your search while things are still dry….as in, before your home is the victim of a flood or burst pipe.   Standing hip deep in raw sewage is not the time to comparison shop.  Look at water removal service like you would life insurance….you pick your provider and then hope you’ll never need them. Picture 017.jpg

Emergency water damage requires action be taken swiftly, but efficiently.  This is vital to ward off any future problems, such as structural weakening or mold propagation.  Unfortunately, water restoration companies are a dime a dozen in most every town….the problem is knowing which one to pick.  A wrong choice could double or even triple your final repair bill. 

To find competent water damage help, look for a company that has been certified by the Institute for Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification.  The IICRC was founded 30 years ago as the unofficial governing body for the industry, in lieu of any government guidelines to regulate who can and cannot do this sort of work.  They have established standards, procedures, and certification for companies who wish to be recognized as legitimate, offering a measure of security for frazzled fire damage or water damage victims.rs-water-extraction.jpg

An IICRC company will be on call 24/7, with a staff of highly trained technicians proficient on all the latest water damage tools and techniques.  They will offer a full range of service, from extraction and drying, to carpet cleaning service and mold removal service.   They will be licensed, bonded, and insured.

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