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Water Damage Restoration Questions And Answers

Water damage restoration is not a task to be taken on lightly.  It is very involved and needs to be done right the first time.  Failure to do so can only cause more problems later on.

If you are the victim of water damage, especially if it is significant, you may have questions.  Hopefully, we have anticipated correctly and provided the answers.

Question:  Can my home be salvaged?

It depends on the level of damage sustained, but more importantly, how quickly you begin water damage restoration procedures.  In many cases, even severely damaged homes can be saved.

Question: Can I do the work myself?

It depends on how knowledgeable you are about water damage, if you know how to treat it, what steps to take in what order, if you are properly equipped for the job, and where to look for problems that may not be readily apparent.   My guess is that most homeowners do not fit this description.

Question:  Is water damage covered under my homeowners insurance?

Not necessarily.  Floods are not covered, and a lot of water related spills are not covered because they are viewed as maintenance issues.  You didn’t do proper maintenance on your home, therefore you are not covered.  You should check with your insurance agent today to find out what is and is not allowed for, and add additional coverage if necessary.

Question: Okay, if I can’t fix my home, who can?

There are a number of water damage restoration companies in virtually every city…the problem is finding one that is reputable.  Reputable companies will most likely be certified by the IICRC, the unofficial governing body of the water damage restoration industry, which provides standards, procedures, and certification for those who perform this sort of work.  This is the company you should call to work on your home

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