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Home > Education > Water Damage In The News > Article > Senior Prank Causes Mold Damage To Co High School

Senior Prank Causes Mold Damage To CO High School

Every year, the graduating class in high schools across the nation pull at least one good senior prank.  Ours involved putting the band director’s car inside the band room.  But this year’s prank at Durango High School in Colorado has managed to cancel classes for four days, due to the unexpected and rapid growth of mold in the school.

The Durango Herald reported senior pranksters spread over 30 bales of hay around Durango High School's common areas. School was canceled again Thursday as cleanup swept and dusted the debris left behind. The cleaning expenses are expected to top $100,000.

School officials say that this is one of the worst materials to bring into a building because of the amount of mold spores present, and the resulting respiratory difficulties that may be encountered when mold spores are concentrated that heavily in such an enclosed space.  Several school employees have required medical treatment after reporting respiratory problems as a result of the hay.Indoor-Air-Quality-test.jpg

Air quality tests in the school revealed that mold spore counts as a result of the hay were four times higher than recommended levels.  Classes resumed Friday after a second round of test results revealed spore counts within acceptable parameters.

Mold is a dangerous problem in any home or business, and one of the most common problems associated with water damage.  It can appear in as little as 48 hours following a water damage event (sooner if the water is sewage based), spread rapidly, and prove extraordinarily difficult to remediate.

Mold is a natural part of our outdoor environment, and we encounter and even inhale mold spores almost every day with no ill effects.  The problem comes when high concentrations of mold spores are gathered in one enclosed area, such as the Durango High School common area.

Inhalation of mold spores in high amounts can result in reactions as mild as a runny nose or watery eyes, or it may be the cause of more serious complications such as neurological disorders, lung disease, respiratory issues, or in rare cases, even death.Mold_Removal.jpg

It isn’t enough for mold to be removed; the area must be properly treated to prevent it from returning.   The affected area should be cleaned, disinfected, sanitized, and then properly lit and ventilated to avoid future problems.

Mold is nothing to sneeze at (no pun intended), and considerable mold growth should always be remediated by a professional.  Your local IICRC water damage restoration company will offer mold removal as a part of its many services.   They will know what to look for, where to look for it, and what to do with it when they find it.  Better, their mold removal services are 100% guaranteed from the date of completion, which means you can be assured of a quality job done right.

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