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Flood Damage For Beginners

 If you’ve ever spilled a drink on your carpet, then you know what a pain any sort of water damage clean up can be.  You soak up water for what seems like days, hope against hope you don’t have a stain left over, and a few days later you’re wondering what that musty smell is.flood_cvgc.jpg

Now stop to think what has to happen with flood damage clean up or hurricane clean up; flood clean up jobs are long, multi-leveled processes that have to be done right the first time, lest you risk having to spend thousands of extra dollars to make your home and property right again.

It’s not just wiping up the water, it’s thoroughly drying all surfaces, checking basements and crawlspaces for standing water, carpet cleaning and drying, mold remediation, furniture repair, electrical systems inspection, making sure floors aren’t warped and drywall isn’t swelled.

Basement flood cleanup is an art form all its own, given the low lying nature of basements and their propensity for moisture retention.basement-flooding.jpg

It’s about knowing where to look for damage that may not be readily apparent, and making sure your home is thoroughly treated and dried out so that no subsequent problems manifest themselves.

For more flood clean up tips, advice, and service, contact your local IICRC certified flood clean up company.  They are available 24/7 to serve all of your flood clean up needs, from the slight to the severe, and offer a full range of services to handle all aspects of your particular flood clean up or emergency water damage needs.  Call today for a free estimate.


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