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Fire And Water Damage And How To handle It

Fire and water can wreak havoc on a home or business in a matter of moments.  Oddly enough, however, those who have been unfortunate enough to experience both will say they’d almost rather deal with fire than water.flood1.jpg

Why?  Simple, fire usually starts rapidly, does all of its damage in one area, and if caught soon enough, is swiftly eradicated.  Water on the other hand, can start as a small leak and not be discovered until it’s already done considerable damage, and in the event of massive flooding, can continue to cause damage for as long as it is left to stand.

So how can you protect yourself against such a disaster?  The easiest step to take can be done before the rain ever starts to fall….simply check your homeowners insurance policy and make sure what is and is not covered.  Additional coverage can be obtained in most cases, it’s just a matter of knowing what to ask for.Flood_Insurance.gif

Secondly, you should locate a company that specializes in fire and water damage restoration.  A number of these companies can be found in every city, but only a few are reputable.  You will need to find one that has been certified by the Institute for inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification.  The IICRC was founded over 30 years ago as the unofficial governing body for the industry, establishing standards, procedures, and certifications for companies wishing to do this sort of work.  The IICRC seal lends credibility and accountability to those companies.

Your local IICRC company stands ready to serve you and your family.  Call them today for a free estimate.


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